Weathering, Ageing and Distressing.

In the world of small scale models and full size props we are frequently trying to make the artificial and new look genuinely old. Whether that be recklessly abused and neglected, or lovingly maintained over generations of intensive use, and whether that be slowly applied finishes for display case work or the ridiculously rushed and improvised work needed to meet the last minute needs of film production schedules. If there's one area above all others that I enjoy most about what I do for a living it's those finishing touches that really breath life into an otherwise inanimate object and give it a history and story of it's own. As somebody with a postgraduate background in artefact conservation and restoration I'm well placed to understand and recognise the way materials age and deteriorate and I have turned that understanding on it's head in order to accelerate or fake the aging process for weathering a wide range of the things I produce. I'm also a great advocate of the separate and distinct principal of scale colour as a means of making even the cleanest and tidiest small models look more realistic, something many other model makers tend to over look or confuse with those of weathering.

Aidan Campbell random slide show

More than any of the other services you'll find listed here on my web site, the ability to realistically finish a model or prop is something that can only be judged visually so I'll say no more than take look at the images here and if you like what you see please get in touch.


"Magnificent! Even better than the first project you did for me, the photo's just don't do justice to your work."
Dr. A. Sharma, Oxfordshire

"I am so so sorry for the delay in replying, I have been ran ragged trying to setup our stand for the exhibition, but your dioramas look great and I very much appreciate you completing these in such a small timescale."
Craig Sutherland, Theo Fennell Limited

"An excellent job again, as usual I’m really pleased."
Mr. R Sweet, West Midlands

"I loved Aidan's fully lit conservatory scene... he's a professional model maker, and a talented one too."
Christiane Berridge, Editor, Dolls House magazine

"Your lovely model has gone from the UK to Russia and now on to the USA... thrilled with it so thank you so much for all you efforts!"
Rana Al-Falaki, Essex

"Aidan calls his diorama "Gone but not forgotten"...I think you'll agree it's something very special."
Aircraft Resource Centre website

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