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Over the years I've attended numerous miniature art fairs, model making exhibitions and re-enactment events where I've frequently been involved in demonstrating or teaching about a wide variety of subjects to many amateur enthusiasts and other professionals. Inevitably you find there are certain topics or questions which arise time and time again at each show. In recognition of these commonly asked questions I have tried to find the time to put together the following selection of brief introductory articles outlining a few basic thoughts, tips and techniques to help beginners to get started with different subjects. Whilst I can't afford the time to put together articles about every topic people ask me about, or even guarantee I'll have time to acknowledge individual e-mails, if there are things people would like to know more about which they think I may be able to help with, feel free to make suggestions about future articles you may like to see.

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Model Making Articles.

Introductory guide to miniature figure painting.
Introductory guide to miniature figure sculpting.
Basic scenic and terrain modelling
Scaling down colours on small models.
Weathering and distressing models.

Historical Re-enactment Articles.

A re-enactors introduction to 'Dark Age' Textiles.
Viking Costume at a Glance.
How to make Viking turn shoes.
An overview of textiles throughout British history.
Authentic or merely accurate?
What price 'authenticity'?


"Fantastic, even better in real life than in the photos. We're absolutely delighted so thank you for all your hard work."
Aileen Peirce, Historic Royal Palaces, Tower of London

"They look amazing... Well done you've pulled the rabbit out of the hat for us. I've shown the miniatures to a couple of people and they have been in awe."
Dan Smith, BAFTA winning director.

"I would like to thank Aidan for his excellent work which was completed in very good time... which was further backed up by compliments from senior staff on the day of the presentation."
Clive Breen, Rolls-Royce Plc

"I am writing to you as a great admirer of your natural wools and was very grateful for the fabric you supplied us for the costumes on the film Macbeth."
Jacqueline Durran, Oscar & BAFTA winning costumier

"Speechless!!! The castings look great; your sculpting, communications and scheduling cannot be faulted in any way. If asked to recommend a sculptor, you'll be number ONE on my list. "
Mr. A. Burton, Ancient Buzzard Models

"What you produced was incredible and achieved in such a short deadline... thank you for all your hard work!"
Carly Hewitt, Frank PR

"That is good advice... the images you have provided are great. Many thanks."
Samantha Nott, BBC History magazine

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