Kit Building, Modification & Painting.

Although the majority of my work entails scratch building or sculpting unique one of a kind items based upon bespoke requests, there can be little point collectors paying for such services if kits or basic factory built models of their desired subject matter are readily available from one or more retailers. In such circumstances I am more than happy for clients to provide un-built kits or complete models for me to work on on their behalf. At it's simplest, if the models are from quality manufactures I am familiar with then such work can be affordable and relatively quick to turn around. At the other extreme, either where the kits are of low quality with poor fitting parts, or the client requires something more than the designer intended I am happy to further refine such models with additional after-market or scratch built detailing parts along with modifications to portray different variants or liveries to those offered by the standard kit.

Aidan Campbell random slide show

Over the years I've built military, aviation, maritime, automotive, science fiction, railway and many more types of subject for numerous collectors, both from mass produced plastic kits sold in their tens of thousands down to very limited edition specialist "garage kits" made by enthusiastic cottage industries. It's probably true to say that my reputation and interest in such matters lies in super-detailing the smaller sizes and scales of model that fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. However, as kit manufacturers are tending towards larger models in increasingly table filling scales where more detail can be included as standard, I've been asked to construct these as well. So if there's a kit you've bought and haven't plucked up the courage to attempt and you want a professional to build it for you feel free to get in touch.


"Magnificent! Even better than the first project you did for me, the photo's just don't do justice to your work."
Dr. A. Sharma, Oxfordshire

"I am so so sorry for the delay in replying, I have been ran ragged trying to setup our stand for the exhibition, but your dioramas look great and I very much appreciate you completing these in such a small timescale."
Craig Sutherland, Theo Fennell Limited

"An excellent job again, as usual I’m really pleased."
Mr. R Sweet, West Midlands

"I loved Aidan's fully lit conservatory scene... he's a professional model maker, and a talented one too."
Christiane Berridge, Editor, Dolls House magazine

"Your lovely model has gone from the UK to Russia and now on to the USA... thrilled with it so thank you so much for all you efforts!"
Rana Al-Falaki, Essex

"Aidan calls his diorama "Gone but not forgotten"...I think you'll agree it's something very special."
Aircraft Resource Centre website

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