Limited Production Runs.

Traditional mould making and casting for clients has been a mainstream part of my work ever since I turned my varied creative hobbies into my profession. Principally I deal with vulcanising rubber moulds to centrifugally-cast small jewellery sized components and miniature figurines from low melt alloys such as pewter. However my workshop is equiped with various equipment to cover casting a wide range of materials. This includes a vacuum chamber for degassing RTV rubber moulds for resin casting through to a digital furnace, kiln, and wax injector needed to cover lost wax casting of non-ferrous and precious metals.

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As a traditional artist I find automated "digital" manufacturing can be a bit sterile compared to more hand-crafted means. However where technology aids the creative process I am happy to use rapid prototyping equipment. To that end I run a small laser cutter/engraver, I designed and built my own high-res DLP 3D printer and have scanning equipment for reverse engineering 3D data files from small hand made objects. I've also built myself a basic set-up for simple photo-etching (chemical milling) of very thin sheet metals. Primarily all of the above has been aimed at expanding my capabilities for taking on one-of-a-kind bespoke miniature creative projects. However these techniques and equipment have all found use for clients wanting limited production runs of identical objects; be that corporate clients wanting modest quantities of identical presentation pieces, cottage industry retailers looking for short production runs, or even artists and amateur model makers just needing a few bits'n'piecs for their own projects. I will stress I am not a factory capable of cheaply mass-producing tens of thousands of identical goods per day, but for those looking for more of a "boutique service" capable of manufacturing modest quantities, then feel free to contact me, to chat about your requirements.


"The figure castings arrived this morning and my father is thrilled to bits with them. Thank you so very much for such a brilliant job and the speed of delivery. We will certainly recommend you to friends!"
Rachael Camm, Staffordshire

"There were 'ooohs' followed by 'ahhhhs' followed by exclamations of wonder . I think 'WOW' would really sum up our feelings - very well done indeed!"
Bernard Pearson, Discworld Emporium

"... Aidan Campbell who makes a huge variety of excellent figure castings. Having seen his products at Warley (National Model Railway Exhibition) I can honestly say that the pictures on the website do not do them justice. They are stunning figures!"
Model Rail Express magazine website

"Speechless!!! The castings look great. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you; your sculpting, communications and scheduling cannot be faulted in any way. If asked to recommend a sculptor, you'll be number ONE on my list. "
Mr. A. Burton, Ancient Buzzard Models

"I received the figure sculpts and I think the castings look great. Thank you,"
David Bukata, Emperor's Choice Games & Miniatures

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