Jewellery Work.

Some things in life just seem to happen in an unplanned manner, and making jewellery was one such thing that crept up on me unexpectedly. It started with making a few historical replica buckles and rings for my own re-enactment needs, shortly followed by requests from other re-enactors. Thereafter simply to test out a new piece of equipment I'd acquired for my workshop I ended up designing and making a contemporary brooch as a gift for my wife. Then as is life's way, others saw it and started asking her where she bought it and so I'm now at the point of having produced affordable cast pewter costume jewellery, merchandising pieces for a popular fantasy franchise, hand carved one of a kind items, custom designed wedding rings re-fashioned from old family silver with a sentimental attachment for the clients, through to creating bespoke wardrobe accessories for Oscar winning costumiers to use in major movies.

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It's probably true to say I've not done enough jewellery design work to have evolved a style of my own yet, so I simply take inspiration from what my clients ask for or the period pieces I'm attempting to replicate. However, with a life time of experience in miniature arts and crafts I'm well set up within my workshop where I've got the facilities for all manner of pattern making and wax carving, facilities for casting both precious metals and base alloys, have the equipment for electro-plating and enamelling, have done lamp working for glass beads, have carved natural materials like horn, bone, soapstone, Whitby jet and Baltic amber, though to laser cutting acrylic. In short although I don't classify myself as a jeweller I just happen to have all the skills and equipment needed to make jewellery, so if you wanted to commission a small item you might just want to wear about your person, the above is probably the most meandering and round about way of saying feel free to get in touch.


"Thank you for all your help... we will definitely take all those, plus if you can make more that would be fantastic.... we are always looking for people like yourself with such extensive skills and knowledge."
Alexandra Slade, UK props. buyer - The Vikings (series three), Ireland

"Beautiful, just how I imagined it."
D Goodier, Merseyside

"There were 'ooohs' followed by 'ahhhhs' followed by exclamations of wonder . I think 'WOW' would really sum up our feelings - very well done indeed!"
Bernard Pearson, Discworld Emporium

"You turned my idea into a uniquely beautiful and highly wearable piece that's admired by all my friends. Thank you so much for the great service I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again in the near future."
Mrs. M Smithson, Yorkshire

"Absolutely wonderful... one friend said she was literally speechless when she saw it, it was so amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work and imaginative talent!"
Mrs. F Gameson, Co. Durham

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