I am always happy to receive feedback from any of my customers, whether they are a new client or an established regular, large commercial business or private collector, model manufacturer/retailer or simply an editor who may have reviewed my work in one of the many specialist publications and web-sites out there. If you would like to contact me, please click here to send me an email, or I can be reached through my contact page.

Reviews and Client Testimonials

"Fantastic, even better in real life than in the photos you sent. We're absolutely delighted so thank you very much for all your hard work." Aileen Peirce, Historic Royal Palaces, Tower of London

"Congratulations on finishing this piece to such an incredibly high standard! We are happy to confirm we have received final approval and sign off from the client. We absolutely adore it and really appreciate the fact you have managed to finish it for us in such a timely manner! We hugely appreciate the hard work you have put into this piece and we are beyond happy. We would love to work with you again in the future and will make sure to refer you to any future clients or contacts!" Isabel Ayling, Head of Production- Suzie Turner Courture

"I would like to thank Aidan for his excellent work which was completed in very good time... which was further backed up by compliments from senior staff on the day of the presentation." Clive Breen, Rolls-Royce Plc

"... got to say Wow! Amazing! we're really chuffed." K. Walsh, Chemistry Advertising Agency, Ireland

"The reproduction Viking clothing arrived today and it looks really good so thanks for your dedicated work in making this happen. Your teaching notes were also really useful - quite a lot to get my head around but very helpful to us for at the moment it seems the clothing we have been using is misleading, and what we say is also misleading." Stuart Slade, Education Manager, National Maritime Museum, Cornwall

"What you produced was incredible and achieved in such a short deadline... thank you for all your hard work!" Carly Hewitt, Frank PR, London

"I write to say thank you very much for the lovely figures you have created for Jacklex Miniatures, they really are a tremendous collection of little characters. I have had some really nice feedback from images of your sculpts and there seems much interest in the new range which is encouraging. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope that it might be possible to continue the relationship in the future. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job." Mark Lodge, Jacklex Miniatures

"They look amazing... Well done you've pulled the rabbit out of the hat for us. I've shown the miniatures to a couple of people and they have been in awe. Thanks so much." Dan Smith, BAFTA winning director.

"The fabric is superb! There is no wool fabric out there that compares to it. I have searched and ordered from all the good sellers in Germany and Sweden over the past years that produce wool fabric for the reenactment community, but nothing comes close to the quality of what I ordered from you!" Nadine Coster, Germany

"Oh my goodness! I actually cried when I saw the miniature because you have captured our little dog so perfectly! It is absolutely amazing... It’s exactly what I wanted - only better! Thank you so much!" Amanda Morris , Wales

"We have received the model and we think it's fantastic! The client was really happy, they loved it. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It has been great to work with you and I hope that we can work together again in the future!" Lil James-Crook, Polar Black Events, London.

"Magnificent! Even better than the first project you did for me, the photo's just don't do justice to your work." Dr. A. Sharma, Oxfordshire

"I am so so sorry for the delay in replying, I have been ran ragged trying to setup our stand for the exhibition but your dioramas look great and I very much appreciate you completing these in such a small timescale. Thank you once again for doing an amazing job!" Craig Sutherland, Theo Fennell Jewellery Limited, London

"I am writing to you as a great admirer of your natural wools and was very grateful for the fabric you supplied us for the costumes on the film Macbeth." Jacqueline Durran, Oscar & BAFTA winning costumier

"The models have just arrived and I have to say they're fantastic and the scale is spot on! Thank you so much for the extra character sculpts, they were totally unexpected and awesome." Bill Burnell, Yorkshire

"Here at MSN we embrace the weird and the wonderful - so when we saw these amazing carvings by Artist Aidan Campbell we had to share them with the world!" Microsoft Network website

" the time I never did get around to thanking you for your wonderful workmanship. I cannot tell you how happy I was with the final outcome. It was more than I could have ever imagined and is perfect." Margaret Powers, United KIngdom

"An excellent job again, as usual I’m really pleased." Mr. R Sweet, West Midlands

"There were 'ooohs' followed by 'ahhhhs' followed by exclamations of wonder . I think 'WOW' would really sum up our feelings - very well done indeed!" Bernard Pearson, Discworld Emporium (merchandising division for author Terry Pratchett)

"Speechless!!! The castings look great. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you; your sculpting, communications and scheduling cannot be faulted in any way. If asked to recommend a sculptor, you'll be number ONE on my list. " Mr. A. Burton, Ancient Buzzard Models

"The diorama arrived yesterday, it is simply fantastic, thank you. I can’t even explain in words how pleased I am." WO1 Richard Edwards, UK Armed Forces

"Dear Aidan, Your beautiful fabric samples arrived today! Thank you for your help. We would like to buy all or most of what you have if you can let me know the total lengths available and approximate shipping costs." Ana Kot, Firebrand Costume Dept. London

"Thanks for going the extra length to accommodate us at such short notice!" Ellie Hunt, Centre Screen, Manchester

"Thank you so much for the figures, they are wonderful. Could you send out another shipment tomorrow?" Silvio Neuamann, Germany

"I'm very impressed by how true to the original the finished picture is and I am very grateful for your hard work. I can't imagine trying to paint on such a small scale, let alone having the added difficulty of reproducing another artist's work with such accuracy. Thank you once more, the picture is a true enhancement to my little house." Christina Taylor, Sussex

"Thank you for all your advice... we will definitely take all those, plus if you can make more that would be fantastic.... we are always looking for people like yourself with such extensive skills and knowledge." Alexandra Slade, UK props. buyer - The Vikings (series three), Ireland

"Thanks for making such a super job for me of the owl sculpts. They will set off the owlery from Harry Potter perfectly." David Wright, Dovedale Models, Derbyshire

"I received the fabric today. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you and compliments!" Giulia Paltrieneri, Archeopark Fortezza di Verrucole, Italy

"Thank you Aidan, it is a very unique and original painting, I haven't seen the subject done anywhere else. It is amazing...well done!" Steve Bullock , Worcestershire

"I have just received the Amber Dice! It looks amazing thank you so much for making and sending it so promptly, I really appreciate it!" Katie Earley, Tanner Krolle, London

"You work fast! I like them as they are exactly what I was after, something that looks like it was hand made by a person who is trying to emulate in bone, fittings that they can’t afford in bronze or brass." Kristjan Runarsson, Iceland

"Today I have received the figure conversions and they are looking great. Thanks a lot I'm really satisfied with your work and I would like to send you the next batch of figures if you agree?" Daniel Schlauch, Germany

"Just wanted to tell you that we've collected our parcel at the post office and we are immensely pleased with the fabrics! They are just what we've looked for so long but never found elsewhere." Karin Edlund, Sweden

"Need a scale copy of Vermeer's girl with a pearl earring? - (look to) one of Aidan's perfect paintings." Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine

"Just to let you know the carved cheeses arrived safely and have now been photographed, they look great! Thanks so much" Sara Lincoln, Frank PR, London

"I wanted my monk's garb to be authentic looking eleventh-century English Benedictine as it's so easy to just produce a generic medieval monk's outfit. Remarkably, Aidan was able to work from only a set of measurements and a couple of manuscript images yet I've had a number of medieval textile/dress experts comment approvingly on the finished product. He was an excellent communicator and extremely professional in his dealings with me. The result was top notch, a perfect fit and great material and I would not hesitate to contact Aidan again should I need something else from the Anglo-Saxon period!." Dr. Christopher Monk, Freelance cultural historian and Anglo Saxon specialist, Manchester

"Thank you for the model - well made, well packaged and delivered in good time." Howard Roberts, Hertfordshire

"I took delivery today and I rate the project as a major success. I would have no problem at all in recommending you as you delivered everything with great accuracy and precision." John McDermott Texas, USA

"Just a quick acknowledgement of receipt of the painted figures, they really are superb, thanks again." Norman Webster, Northumberland

"Aidan, on behalf of the whole team thanks again for everything, the models look fantastic!!!" Andrew Luke, Flat Cap films, London

"I picked up the Samurai from the PO today, he is fabulous and my sister is really pleased, many thanks for all your time and effort." Ray Powers, Berkshire

"Just to let you know that the fabric arrived safely yesterday, we are delighted with it and shall definitely be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks for great service and product!" Mary Taylor, Norfolk

"Thank you so much for the swift completion of that order, the different replica coins you made for me look great and I now feel I want hundreds to create a hoard." Carla Phillips, Travellers Through Time, Cheshire

"... Aidan Campbell who makes a huge variety of excellent figure castings. Having seen his products at Warley (National Model Railway Exhibition) I can honestly say that the pictures on the website do not do them justice. They are stunning figures!" Model Rail Express magazine website

"Your lovely model has gone from the UK to Russia and now on to the USA... thrilled with it so thank you so much for all you efforts!" Rana Al-Falaki, Essex

"Aidan is a fantastic artist - he always has such a varied stand of paintings, sculptures & other one off items." Kensington Dolls House Festival Cup 2014

"The little people have arrived, thank you for their speedy delivery...they look more convincing in real life than the photos show." Mr. J. Ritter, Australia

"The fabric arrived safely and I'm very pleased with it - Thank you again for giving me such a good price." Kate Olsen, New Zealand

"Wow, Wow, Wow, I am so excited! You did an excellent job and I couldn't be more pleased, I will be in contact again since I am thinking of commissioning more paintings as gifts" Kathleen Price, America

"The wool arrived yesterday. It's exactly what I was hoping for. I'm sure I'll be purchasing more from you in the future!" Mike Boring, America

"I really should have acknowledged receipt of the figures earlier, however I only just got them out of the packet this week and I have been staggered at the detail you managed to put into them. I will very shortly be ordering some more from you. They really are a delight! " Mr S Bennet, Surrey

"Thanks for the fast reply, the fabric was really fantastic as it's hard to find such quality." Nadine Coster, Germany

"Many thanks for the two painted figurines ... The quality is superb and whilst I know it might not be the biggest order you have ever dealt with, I shall certainly look forward to using your services again and recommend you to others!" Tristan Maynard, Lancashire

"The wool just arrived - it is wonderful, thank you so much!" Michael and Sarah Brown, Australia

"Arrived already. It is beautiful, looks great and I love the way you have done the pillars. Thanks!" Gillian Pengelly, Bristol

"I loved Aidan's fully lit conservatory scene... he's a professional model maker, and a talented one too." Christiane Berridge, Editor, Dolls House magazine

"The model's just like the photos we sent you. We are very happy with the model and I appreciate all you have done at such short notice. Red absolutely loved what you made for his retirement and the night went off with a Big Bang!" Barrie Scott, Scotland

"Just a quick email to say I really enjoyed painting your figures, not up to your standard yet but will keep plugging away. Great Figures and Great price." Michael Crook, London

"Just informing you that I received the wool this morning. It is fantastic! Thank you so much for the prompt replies to all my emails and questions." Charlie Van der Put, Australia

"The miniature 3D glasses were brilliant, in fact we still have them on display on our desk as we love them!" Marie Wardell Hunter, Cake Group "Ideas Agency"

"Absolutely wonderful... one friend said she was literally speechless when she saw it, it was so amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work and imaginative talent!" Mrs. F Gameson, Co. Durham

"That is good advice... the images you have provided are great. Many thanks." Samantha Nott, BBC History magazine

"We recieved the figures, they're great, we love them! They are going to make a huge difference to our game ... it gives you that connection that you only get with a high quality product and these are just looking so good, far better than I thought they would." Simon Miles, Conflicting Kingdoms

"Thank you so much for the lovely painting that has just arrived. I am thrilled with it and hope to see more of your work in the future." Mrs. T. Dacombe, Surrey

"Hi Aidan - Figures received – great job - very happy – many thanks." Simon Durrer, Wales

" Just wanted to confirm that I picked up the parcel today. Obviously I immediately assembled the sculpt to see what it looks like... really impressed and if anything it looks better in real life than in the photos, thanks so much for your hard work on this!" Paul Murphy, Thundercloud Miniatures

"I received the figure sculpts and I think they look great. Thank you," David Bukata, Emperor's Choice Games & Miniatures

"Your miniature helmet arived today, I am very pleased, it is much better than in the photo, congratulations!" Sergio Cultrera, Italy

"Thank you so much for all the fabric! We're really delighted, it's perfect." Sinead O'Sullivan, Thistle films

"You turned my idea into a uniquely beautiful and highly wearable piece that's admired by all my friends. Thank you so much for the great service I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again in the near future." Mrs. M Smithson, Yorkshire

"Just to acknowledge safe receipt of the figures. They are fantastic! I'll be back for more in due course." Mr V. Reid, Nth. Yorkshire

"The parcel has arrived today and our first reaction is positive, the model looks good so we will be making our first holographic exposure soon." Mr D. Stewart, Opsec Security

"Our next batch of cloth arrived yesterday and looks just spot on as always!" Mr J. Shaw, Yorks

"To own just one of these masterpieces look no further than miniature painting specialist Aidan Campbell." Jane Kubiesa, Collectors club of Great Britain

"I knew I would be thrilled when the parcel arrived and the trophy heads are terrific... I'd like to order another" Mrs Fletcher, Cleveland

"Just to let you know that I received the dodo skeleton today. It's really wonderful, thanks heaps!" Robin Battel, Australia

"Thanks for the latest batch of painted figures, as usual they are superb!" Mr R Cullum, Leicestershire

"The little golfer you sculpted is excellent." Mr T. Watson, Gloucestershire

"I just got the replica combs this morning. They are amazing, exactly what I was looking for for my PhD research! Thank you ever so much!" C Petty, Manchester University

"These are stunning - you are a genius! They are really going to bring the model to life. " Mr D. Paton, Big Heritage

"Looks awsome mate! " Mr D. Howey, Combat Soap

"Just to let you know the textiles have arrived safe and sound, and we are really really pleased with them - they are beautiful!" Kate Hurst, New Zealand

"Excellent work yet again and I will certainly recommend you... I'm sure we'll be asking you to sculpt further figures for us in the future." Mark Hesketh, Lancs

"The painted cabinet is more than wonderfull :-))))) Thank you so much for it!" Stephan Wein, Germany

"We have received your textile samples and they are beautiful. I believe we share the same kind of interest in reproducing historical fabrics to the same level of correctness... but you have clearly succeeded where we failed." Rikard Alm, Handelsgillet, Sweden,

"The figures arrived this morning and my father is thrilled to bits with them. Thankyou so very much for such a brilliant job and the speed of delivery. We will certainly recommend you to friends!" Rachael Camm, Staffordshire

"Many thanks for the painting which I received today - I am absolutely thrilled with it!!!!" Agnes Burton, London

"Thanks for sending my paintings so promptly, they have arrived safely and I am delighted with them." D. Taylor, Lincolnshire

"Many thanks for the figure sculpts I am delighted with them - my project really stands or falls on the 'characters' being obvious as to who they are and I think you've done a crackin' job." Chris Leigh, Northants

"Highly detailed and well proportioned the figures are reasonably priced given their undoubted class. When carefully painted these add that little bit of individuality and extra detail to your model railway. FOR - Detail and reasonable price. AGAINST - Nothing." Model Rail magazine

"FABULOUS! - absolutely spot on." Jo Pabari, Good Stuff Consultancy

"Beautiful, just how I imagined it." D Goodier, Merseyside

"Many thanks for the owl you sculpted, it's brilliant!"Kevin Wilson, Herts,

"Aidan calls his diorama "Gone but not forgotten"...I think you'll agree it's something very special." Aircraft Resource Centre website

"I have received the figure castings from you and they are better than I had hoped for." Mr. R. Hilson, Hants