Replica Historic Textiles & Period Costuming.

The days of making reproduction historic clothing from nylon and polyester are hopefully long gone, and claiming something to be authentic just because it is made of wool is not enough for many. Having been previously employed in conservation laboratories alongside two of this country's leading archaeological textile specialists I knew exactly what sorts of material I should be using for my client's replica historic costumes. I realised the only way to achieve accurate types of un-dyed primitive fleece and yarn spun in the correct manner, correct thread counts and patterns of weave or reproduce the colours of period dyes was to manufacture my own fabric from scratch. (and I can be equally obsessive about size and types of stitches or seam construction when it comes to making replica garments) As others heard about my projects they grew to become economically viable enough to begin commissioning the spinning and weaving of various short bolts of replica fabric covering different periods including Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart. This lead to the birth of Time Warp Textiles initially producing and supplying highly accurate 'museum grade' textiles that would withstand rigorous academic examination. More lately we have also begun producing a lower priced line of 'costume grade' replica fabrics used for making more affordable versions of all those breeches, cloaks, tunics, kyrtles and doublets required by historical re-enactors, film productions, and it has to be said most museums who are still more than happy with the accuracy of these lower priced textiles.

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The majority of my cloth is produced by the roll on a bespoke commissioned basis so we do not carry standard stock lines. However, I usually have a modest and steadily changing selection of roll ends of replica cloth in stock for immediate sale by the yard, so feel free to contact me if you are looking for something for a certain period or garment. So whether you are a costumier wanting fabric for your own projects, or need somebody to make costume for you, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.


"The reproduction Viking clothing arrived today and it looks really good so thanks for your dedicated work in making this happen. Your teaching notes were also really useful - quite a lot to get my head around but very helpful to us."
Stuart Slade, Education Manager, National Maritime Museum Cornwall

"I am writing to you as a great admirer of your natural wools and was very grateful for the fabric you supplied us for the costumes on the film Macbeth."
Jacqueline Durran, Oscar & BAFTA winning costumier

"... I've had a number of medieval textile/dress experts comment approvingly on the finished product and would not hesitate to contact Aidan again should I need something else from the Anglo-Saxon period!"
Dr. Christopher Monk, Freelance cultural historian and Anglo Saxon specialist, Manchester

"Thank you so much for all the fabric! We're really delighted, it's perfect."
Sinead O'Sullivan, Thistle films

"Just informing you that I received the wool this morning. It is fantastic! Thank you so much for the prompt replies to all my emails and questions."
Charlie Van der Put, Australia

"Dear Aidan, Your beautiful fabric samples arrived today! Thank you for your help. We would like to buy all or most of what you have if you can let me know the total lengths available and approximate shipping costs."
Ana Kot, Firebrand Costume Dept. London

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