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I receive many enquiries about commissioning all sorts of unique work from many different individuals and organisations, most of whom are perfectly reasonable people even if the things they are wanting are far from ordinary. However, one or two potential clients get in touch seemingly expecting me to be able to immediately supply a detailed breakdown of costs for a "one of a kind" bespoke object and/or a commitment to meeting specific deadlines without actually providing me with anything resembling a project brief. If you've a nascent idea of a project and you'd like an informal chat about what is going to be feasible within your budget and deadline then I'm happy to take the time to do so. However, in terms of providing binding written quotes and/or production schedules then I can only make them as reliable and detailed as the information you provide for me to base that quote upon.

Irrespective of the type of bespoke work you wish to discuss commissioning, I'd strongly encourage you to look through the Commissions section of this web site before contacting me. This should give you an idea of the way I work and better enable you to formulate an initial approach in such a way as to provide me with more of the information I actually require in order to respond to your enquiry, otherwise you risk getting nothing back other than a list of questions and a polite request for more detail.


Phone: 07801-278044

Business mailing address & Home address:
(Callers to my home address by appointment only)

Aidan Campbell
22 Queen's Road,
United Kingdom,
CH47 2AH

Example Enquiries.

Before contacting me for a quote please give a little thought to what information you can provide me with about both the subject you want replicating, but equally importantly the size, style and/or quality of end result you hope to receive.

An example of a concise enquiry that I could give an immediate and precise response to:
"Hi, I'm looking for a sculptor to create a war-games miniature of General Pershing from WWI, dressed and posed as shown in the attached picture. The sculpt should be compatible in terms of height, style and detail with the range of figures made by manufacturer X and so I've attached a photo of some of their figures shot against a ruler for size reference. Roughly what sort of price would you charge for such work?"

An open enquiry I was happy to treat as an introduction to more detailed discussions:
"Hello, I don't know if you can help with this speculative enquiry as I really don't know what is going to be possible. Our museum needs a full size replica of a medieval bone carvers workshop for a new gallery opening in six months time. We've a maximum budget of XXXX and wondered if you thought anything worthwhile could be achieved within the deadline and available funding. If you think you can help I'd be pleased to hear back from you and answer any questions you may have."

A past enquiry with near limitless variables that I could only answer with a list of questions to try narrow down specific requirements:
"Dear Sir, We are an interior design company and need models making of some of our previous work. I would be grateful if you would provide us with a detailed list of costs for such work."