Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman


The Commissions Gallery

Since the whole point of totally bespoke work is that you are free to ask for something unique to your needs I can't hope to illustrate everything every possible client may want. However, the following images do give a good flavour of the sorts of projects I have previously undertaken. If you are thinking about commissioning a project you may want to take a look at the commissions section of this web site where you’ll find useful notes and guidance on points worth considering before contacting me. Please note that although it may sound a little grandious or pompous, when it comes to model making and miniature art I am a great advocate of the principles of scale colour and the psychology of perception. This means reproducing what the human eye and brain will respond to as it would the real thing, rather than replicating what a camera will record is actually there. A consequence of which is that many of my miniatures appear far better when seen in the flesh than in these magnified photos, a sentiment which is repeatedly expressed and reinforced by testimonials from my clients.

The gallery is divided into different sections based upon generic types of work I can offer. You can jump direct to the section you want using the links immediately below or simply browse through all the thumbnail images.

Clicking on any thumbnail photo will access a larger image of the work shown.


Miniature Artwork

  - Portraits   - Landscapes/Seascapes   - Still Lifes   - Other

Fine Scale Models & Miniatures

  - Micro models   - Small scale models   - Larger scale models   - War games figures

Corporate, Marketing and Promotional Work

Museum, Heritage & Educational Work

Replica Historic Cloth For Period Costumes

  - Pre-conquest   - Medieval   - Tudor/Stuart

Historical Re-enactment & Replica Artefacts

  - Clothing   - Dress Accessories   - Everyday Objects

Miscellaneous Projects

  - Photography   - Digital Transport Art   - Other creative work

Miniature Artwork

Portraits or Back to the top

 Copy of a Vermeer portrait
 Copy of Van Gogh’s Self portait
 Portrait of John Wayne
 Copy of Gainsborough’s Blue Boy
 Portrait of Audrey Hepburn
 Copy of Singer Sergeant’s Madame X
 Portrait of Sean Connery
 Copy of Rembrandt’s Self Portrait

Landscapes/Seascapes or Back to the top

 Copy of A Canaletto painting
 Copy of Knight’s hailing the ferryman
 Copy of a Shelfhaut painting
 Copy of Turner’s Dutch boats in a gale
  Woodland landscape
 Copy of Dawson’s Pirate's cove
  Copy of a coastal painting
 Copy of Meorman’s Winter landscape

Still Lifes or Back to the top

 Generic 17th century still life
 Copy of a floral still life
 Copy of a generic still life
 A generic floral still life

Other or Back to the top

 Copy of Vindfeldt’s Out of reach
 Copy of Rembrandt's Night Watchmen
 Copy of Vermeer’s milkmaid
 Copy of A Yeame’s painting
 Copy of Monet’s bathers at Grenouille.
 Copy of Hopper’s the Nighthawks

Fine Scale Models & Miniatures or Back to the top

Micro models or Back to the top

 Robin Hood 1/800th scale
 Wildcat 1/1000th scale
 RMS Titanic 1/1200th scale
 Samurai 1/72nd scale
 USS Enterprise 1/2500th scale
 U-boat 1/400th scale
 Scorpion Tank 1/152nd scale
 Elvis 1/72nd scale
 A10 Warthog 1/144thscale

Small scale models or Back to the top

 Jungle diorama 1/48th scale
 Bradley AFV 1/72nd scale
 London underground 1/43rd scale
 F15 eagle 1/144th scale
 Gollum’s Cave 1/48th scale
 Signal Box ruin 1/76th scale
 WWI crash diorama 1/72nd scale
 Palm House Diorama 1/48th scale
 "The end of the Line" 1/43rd scale
 FM2-Wildcat 1/144th scale
 9F Steam Loco 1/76th scale
 Bay Window detail 1/43rd scale
 Fairytale diorama 1/48th scale
 brake van 1/43rd scale
 Railway Embankment 1/43rd scale
 Model railway figures 1/76th scale

Larger scale models or Back to the top

 Robin’s Nest 1/12th scale
 Portrait bust 1/10th scale
 Sherman Tank 1/35th scale
 Taxidermy Shop 1/12th scale
 evacuee 1/24th scale
 Wet cat 1/12th scale
 box of gremlins 1/12th scale
 skeleton 1/24th scale
 Medieval figures 1/32nd scale
 Bedouin Warrior 1/35th scale
 German WWII diorama 1/35th scale
 Kitchen Range 1/12th scale
 Elvis 1/24th scale
 Dodo Skeleton 1/12th scale
 Willy Wonka 65mm tall
 Pillar Box 1/12th scale
 Overgrown garden 1/24th scale
 Pixie Caricature 60mm tall
 Pet dragon 1/12th scale
 Bird sculpts 1/12th scale
 Gangster sculpt 1/35th scale
 Loco driver 1/32nd scale
 Chameleon sculpt 1/12th scale
 Oxen 1/24th scale

Wargames figures or Back to the top

 Cartoon Cowboy 1/64th scale
 Sci-Fi figure 1/64th scale
 War games figures 1/64th scale
 War games figure 1/45th scale
 Starship crew 1/64th scale
 Fantasy figures 1/64th scale
 War-games figures 1/300th scale
 Super heros 1/120th scale
 War-games figures 1/120th scale
 Spy-fy figures 1/64th scale
 Fantasy monster 60mm tall
 Pulp games figure 1/64th scale

Corporate, Marketing and Promotional Work

All Corporate Work or Back to the top

 Topographical model
 Corporate Logo design
 Advertising on live insects
 Graphic design work
 Snow globe
 Soap bar
 Mini cheese portraits
 Book cover design
 Promotional keyrings

Museum, Heritage & Educational Work

All Heritage Work or Back to the top

 Landscape archaeology 1/150th scale
 The Peasant’s Revolt 1/32nd scale
 Peasant attacking a Lord 1/32nd scale
 Peasants Looting the Tower 1/32nd scale
 Stag Beetle 3x life size
 Viking faering
 Aged Viking ring pin
 Figure sculpt 1/56th scale
 Promotional coins

Replica Historic Cloth For Period Costumes

Pre-conquest or Back to the top

 Brown Tabby Russet
 Wingingas (leg binding tape)
 Madder dyed Diamond Twill
 Off White Kreuzkoper Twill
 Natural White Diamond Twill
 Saxon rayed cloth
 Grey 2-2 Twill
 Saxon rayed cloth
 Black and White Diamond Twill
 Wingingas (leg binding tape)
 Off white 2-2 Twill
 Brown and Cream Kreuzkoper Twill
 Woad blue 2-2 diamond Twill
 Brown & Black Herringbone Twill
 Very pale Diamond Twill
 Brown & Cream Herringbone Twill

Medieval or Back to the top

 Brown 2-1 twill
 Grey haberget
 Complex rayed cloth
 Medieval rayed cloth
 Grey Tabby Medley/Russet
 Brown Tabby Medley/Russet
 Black & White 2-1 twill
 Brown haberget

Tudor/Stuart or Back to the top

 Off white Tabby Russet/Straight
 Brown Tabby Russet
 Medley Tabby Russet
 Brown medley Tabby Russet

Historical Re-enactment & Replica Artefacts

Clothing or Back to the top

 Corset or Bodies
 Turn Shoes
 Saxon/Viking Tunic
 Leather Doublet

Dress Accesories or Back to the top

 Bone Pin
 Belt with bone fittings
 Ruff/Collar Pins
 Boar Pendant
 Viking belt fittings
 Silver brooch and pins
 silver arm rings

Everyday Objects or Back to the top

 Composite comb
 Sea Chest
 Silver Hoard
 Weaving tablets of horn
 Prickett candlestick
 Pewter Spoons
 Leather Water Bottles
 Textile Comb
 Tafl board
 Horn Beakers
 Leather Drinking vessels
 Folding knife
 Needle case

Miscellaneous Projects

Photography or Back to the top

 photography- Isle of Skye
 photography - seal
 photography - re-enactment camp
 photography - Dunvegan loch
 photography- Bamburgh castle
 photography- tufted duck
 photography - ruin at Alston

Digital Transport Art or Back to the top

 Waking the Giant
 Time and Tide
 First Light
 Ghosts of a green space
 The shout
 Hot and cold water

Other creative work or Back to the top

 portrait skecth
 wildlife illustration
 mould making/casting