Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman

"The reproduction Viking clothing arrived today and it looks really good so thanks for your dedicated work in making this happen. Your teaching notes were also really useful - quite a lot to get my head around but very helpful to us for at the moment it seems the clothing we have been using is misleading, and what we say is also misleading." Stuart Slade, Education Manager, National Maritime Museum Cornwall

"Thank you for all your help... we will definitely take all those, plus if you can make more that would be fantastic.... we are always looking for people like yourself with such extensive skills and knowledge." Alexandra Slade, UK props. Buyer -The Vikings (series three), Ireland

"Absolutely wonderful... one friend said she was literally speechless when she saw it, it was so amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work and imaginative talent!" Mrs. F Gameson, Co. Durham

"Aidan was an excellent communicator and extremely professional in his dealings with me. The result was top notch, a perfect fit and great material and I would not hesitate to contact Aidan again." Dr Christopher Monk, Freelance cultural historian and Anglo Saxon specialist, Manchester

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Historical Re-enactment & Replica Artefacts.

Museum quality reproductions & historic replicas for display, experimental archaeology and historical re-enactment
Historical Re-enactment, Replica Artefacts & Museum Reproductions.
Many years ago I qualified as an archaeological conservator/restorer where I worked for institutions including English Heritage and York Archaeological Trust. In this time I developed an interest in experimental archaeology and so was often asked to make replica artefacts needed by these organisations. This in turn lead me into historical re-enactment where I’ve had the opportunity to try out a huge range of traditional crafts from textiles and embroidery, to forge and foundry work, taking in woodworking, horn, bone and antler carving, leather work, jewellery making and much more besides. Although I've been involved with groups covering various periods of history my principle interests are early medieval (Viking and Anglo Saxon). I reproduce an eclectic range of one of a kind commissioned pieces for individual recreational re-enactors, societies, museums and for use as period props on Stage & Screen. Perhaps the largest and most unusual request undertaken was for a Viking boat (featured in the Heritage Work section of this web site). As well as bespoke commissions I also offer a modest selection of standard items which can be found in the catalogue section of this web site.

The four images shown below could never sum up the diversity of clients or projects I have been involved with but they do hint at what I could do for you, whilst a better idea can obtained from the testimonials section and the gallery section of this web site.
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 Composite antler comb
 Viking silver hoard
 Early medieval tunic
 Medieval prickett candlestick