Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman


Catalogue of Re-enactment and Museum Replicas.

The vast majority of the replica goods I supply to museums, historical re-enactors and TV/film companies are produced on a bespoke commissioned basis made to client's own specifcations, so if you don't see what you want please feel free to enquire about your specific requirements.

However, there are a few items that I am now receiving so many enquries about that it is worth my while producing a few extras every time I take on another commission. These items are listed below and can be supplied as Limitted Stock/Made to Order Items (LS/MTO). This basically means that whilst I could never hope to carry such large stocks as to ensure having examples of every conceivable variation of design availble there's a good chance I might have a few examples available for immediate disptach.

The catalogue is divided into sections based upon generic types of products available. You can jump direct to the section you want using the links immediately below or simply browse through the full list of all available product in this catalogue.

Clicking on any thumbnail image will bring up an enlarged picture of the products described.


Dress Accessories

Everdyay items

Dress Accessories or Back to the top

 Bone buckles and strap ends; LS/MTO typical prices £25 - £50 per pair
 Amulets and charms; LS/MTO typical prices £5 - £50
 Assorted bone pins; LS/MTO typical prices £8 - £40
 Hiberno Norse arm rings; LS/MTO typical prices from £25

Everyday items or Back to the top

 tafl pieces; LS/MTO prices from £0.50 per piece
 Bone and antler needles; LS/MTO typical prices £4 - £7
 Drop spindles; LS/MTO typical prices from £15
 Composite combs; LS/MTO typical prices £60 - £200