Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman

Product Catalogues

Much of my work is one off bespoke commissions made to client's own specifcations. However, I do also offer a steadily growing range of standard items. The most labour intensive of these standard items, those involving a high degree of assembly or hand finishing will be marked as LS/MTO (Limited Stock/Made to Order) and before placing an order you may want to contact me to check current availability and to confirm how long I expext it to take to supply the items you require. Primarily the items listed in my catalogues are simple castings which most customers prefer to purchase in an unpainted state. With these items I try to maintain enough stock to dispatch the vast majority of orders within 24hours of receipt of payment. Though it is inevitable there may be the rare occassion when it may not be possible to supply a specific item or large trade order immediately from stock, or certain times of year when I may be away from work, and as such I ask that customers allow at least 28days for delivery of any items orderred from my catalogues.

Over several years of trading I have produced a wide array of objects, many of which are still to be added to this web site. Please accept my apologies that as my main buisness is bespoke commissioned work I cannot spare all the time I would like to dedicate to constructing the catalogue section for this new web site. Consequently several of these catlaogues are still not available. As time permits I will be updating this page with sections for other products.

The product catalogues are categorised into several groups to make it easier to locate the items you are looking for. Simply select the category you are interested in to view the items I produce.