Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman

"Your lovely model has gone from the UK to Russia and now on to the USA... thrilled with it so thank you so much for all you efforts!" Rana Al-Falaki, Essex

"There were 'ooohs' followed by 'ahhhhs' followed by exclamations of wonder . I think 'WOW' would really sum up our feelings - very well done indeed!" Bernard Pearson, Discworld Emporium

"Magnificent! Even better than the first project you did for me, the photo's just don't do justice to your work." Dr. A. Sharma, Oxfordshire

"I knew I would be thrilled when the parcel arrived and the trophy heads are terrific... I'd like to order another" Mrs Fletcher, Cleveland

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Fine Scale Model Making & Miniatures

Various fine scale model making projects, miniature figure sculpting and scenic dioramas in markets spanning Model railways, Dolls Houses and war-gaming to name but a few
Fine Scale Model Making & Miniatures
As a commissioned model maker and miniaturist I work in a wide range of scales covering many different subjects including; railway, historical war games, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, maritime, military, aviation and doll's house work, along with many more unusual or obscure subjects. In the past, my bespoke work has ranged from simply assembling and painting small model kits for private individuals, has taken in a lot of miniature figure sculpting, through elaborate dioramas scratch built for wealthy collectors and on to pattern mastering, mould making and casting for other manufacturers and retailers in different sectors of the hobby market. I've also been involved in some pretty complex model making projects for the museums and heritage sector as well as major corporate clients, advertising work and props and FX models for Stage and Screen. The one factor that links all my work is that my clients say they come to me when they are looking for more than just a sterile model made by computer driven machines. As an artist my work is made by hand and I always strive to achieve a character or atmosphere rarely found in the technical aspects of mainstream model making. In addition to bespoke commissioned work I also offer a steadily growing range of small detailing parts for a wide variety of model makers and these can be found in the catalogue section of this web site.

The four images shown below could never sum up the diversity of clients or projects I have been involved with but they do hint at what I could do for you, whilst a better idea can obtained from the testimonials section and the gallery section of this web site.
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 Jungle Diorama - Scale: 1/48th
 Robin's nest - Scale: 1/12th
 London underground 1/43rd scale
 Starship crew - Scale: 1/56th