Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman

"The reproduction Viking clothing arrived today and it looks really good so thanks for your dedicated work in making this happen. Your teaching notes were also really useful - quite a lot to get my head around but very helpful to us for at the moment it seems the clothing we have been using is misleading, and what we say is also misleading." Stuart Slade, Education Manager, National Maritime Museum Cornwall

"I just got the replica combs this morning. They are amazing, exactly what I was looking for for my PhD research! Thank you ever so much!" C Petty, Manchester University

"Fantastic, even better in real life than in the photos you sent. We're absolutely delighted so thank you very much for all your hard work." Aileen Peirce, Historic Royal Palaces, Tower of London

"That is good advice... the images you have provided are great. Many thanks." Samantha Nott, BBC History magazine

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Museum, Heritage & Educational Work

Assorted display items, promotional goods, scale models and traditional craft projects produced for various educational projects in museums and the wider heritage industry
Museum, Heritage & Educational Work
My academic and professional background is in museum work, research and education, where I've post-graduate qualifications as both an artefact conservator/restorer and as a teacher. Before turning my arts and crafts into my full time business I worked for institutions like English Heritage, York Archaeological Trust and The National Fishing Heritage Centre where I've experience in various labs, studios, libraries/archives, stores, galleries and classrooms. Since then, in a freelance self employed capacity, I've supplied various sizes and types of miniature figure sculpts and assorted interpretive scale models/dioramas for clients like The Tower of London and The National Railway Museum. I've also hand crafted numerous full size replica historic artefacts and period costumes for academics and curators at places such as the National Maritime Museum, the British Museum and National Trust properties. Other heritage related work has ranged from writing educational resources, spanned the odd spot of consultancy work, copywriting and illustrating, manufacturing 'merchandising' for gift shops, to making period style 'props' for stage & screen: All for clients as diverse as university research projects, publishers of books and magazines through to producers of TV documentaries and major movies. As I myself, am also a recreational historic re-enactor and experimental archaeologist with a local not for profit educational group it's still common to find me pottering about varied museums either working directly with the public or conducting my own independent research.

No two client's requirements are ever the same, so whether you wish to chat about the feasibility of a nascent idea, or have a detailed brief you want a formal quote upon, feel free to get in touch. One thing I will mention based upon repeated experience is that employees of big museums often seem to underestimate how long it may take the varied departments of their own institutions to deal with internal meetings and paperwork to progress from a first informal commission enquiry to issuing a signed contract and releasing funds such that I may actually start work on a project. All this can make your deadline look much less generous than you may have thought, so it's never too soon to Contact me.

The four images shown below could never sum up the diversity of clients or projects I have been involved with but they do hint at what I could do for you, whilst a better idea can obtained from the testimonials section and the gallery section of this web site.
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 Viking faering
 Peasant's revolt
 Aged Viking ring pin
 Landscape archaeology