Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman

"Speechless!!! They look great. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you; your sculpting, communications and scheduling cannot be faulted in any way. If asked for a recommendation for a sculptor, you'll be number ONE on my list. " Mr. A. Burton, Ancient Buzzard Models

"The figures arrived this morning and my father is thrilled to bits with them. Thankyou so very much for such a brilliant job and the speed of delivery. We will certainly recommend you to friends!" Rachael Camm, Staffordshire

" Just wanted to confirm that I picked up the parcel today. Obviously I immediately assembled the sculpt to see what it looks like... really impressed and if anything it looks better in real life than in the photos, thanks so much for your hard work on this!" Paul Murphy, Thundercloud Miniatures

"Many thanks for the figure sculpts I am delighted with them - my project really stands or falls on the 'characters' being obvious as to who they are and I think you've done a crackin' job." Chris Leigh, Northants

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Miniature Figure Sculpting, Painting & War Gaming.

Miniature figure sculpting for historical, fantasy and Sci-Fi war gaming, plus collectable miniatures for other hobby markets
Miniature Figure Sculpting & War Gaming
Like many I was introduced to gaming with miniature figures as a child in the 1980's through playing Dungeons and Dragons and similar games from Games Workshop. My interest in these games didn't last long but sculpting and painting miniature figures turned out to be something of a life long passion. I do still sculpt many miniatures for both private collectors and manufacturers in the war-games industry having previously worked in heights of 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm, 54mm and taller covering all sorts of subjects from accurate and well proportioned historic military figures to grossly overblown Sci-Fi and fantasy caricatures. However, as well as this I've been involved in sculpting, mould making, casting and painting for all sorts of clients in other hobby markets from model railways, through maritime and aviation to doll's houses. I've dealt with miniature figure work for Corporate clients for use as presentation pieces and awards, miniatures for holographic photography for a high security printing firm making credit cards, for use in advertising campaigns through to FX miniatures for TV and film work. I've also done sculpting work for clients in the Heritage and museum services, both making educational miniatures and model dioramas for exhibition display, pattern mastering for merchandising and marketing purposes as well as sculpting for jewellery makers.

There's not a lot by way of small sized sculpting work I've not been involved with at some point or another, so whether you've the germ of an idea you wish to chat about, or a detailed brief you want a formal quote upon, feel free to Contact me.

The four images shown below could never sum up the diversity of clients or projects I have been involved with but they do hint at what I could do for you, whilst a better idea can obtained from the testimonials section and the gallery section of this web site.
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 28mm Viking army
 28mm caricatures
 6mm Sc-Fi figures
 Portrait bust 1/10th scale